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Visitor Analysis

Brand marketers using traditional media (newspapers, TV, etc.) for marketing campaigns, rely on readership surveys and ratings agencies to get a general idea of readership profiles for different newspapers, or audience profiles for specific channels and shows, for their media planning decisions. The online medium is a different beast, with near real-time information on visitor profile and visitor activities available and potentially accessible. This potential can be exploited by brand marketers to fine-tune campaigns and online media planning, even after campaigns have kicked off.

The Visitor Analysis solution, from Brand Algorithms, allows a client to track visitors within client-curated sites (websites, microsites, SocNet pages, blogs, etc.), and, in many cases, even determine the originating site of the visitor. The tracking is accomplished using techniques such as click-tracking, heat-mapping, and cookies. The solution also provides the capability to carry out A/B testing and multivariate testing of parameters such as look, layout, and content, on visitors.

Brand Algorithms' Visitor Analysis solution allows a client to segment visitor traffic to client-curated sites, based on information gathered at these sites, towards the objective of fine-tuning online campaigns and gaining predictive information on visitor behavior. A client can also generate statistics on which content-presentation templates are most effective with different visitor segments.