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Online Campaigns

Planning promotional campaigns has traditionally been an exercise in managing print and TV media release schedules; but given the nature of the online universe - different channels with different content format norms, on different platforms and form-factors - campaign management has become vastly complicated.

Brand Algorithms' Online Campaigns (Management) solution allows a client to plan, schedule, and monitor all digital campaigns of the company, across a variety of channels. The client will be in a position to view campaign statistics in near real-time, through the Online Campaigns Dashboard.

The Online Campaigns (Management) solution provides the client the capability to make minor modifications or major changes to an online campaign, as it rolls on, based on the near real-time statistics that are provided; and, campaigns can be fine-tuned, dropped, entirely reconceptualised, thanks to the ease of managing them using the Online Campaigns (Management) solution.

The solution also allows the client to track campaigns of competing brands in the online medium.