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Mobile Presence

The widespread adoption, and growing exponentially, of mobile platforms (smartphones and tablets) for consuming and creating content on the Web has created opportunities for companies: to deliver content to mobile users in formats more suited to such platforms; and, to leverage sensors unique to these platforms, to communicate with and engage users in novel ways. One of Mobile Presence solution's premier aims is ensuring that a client's existing online content is mobile-friendly and that new content is created mobile-friendly: in look, layout, readability, navigability, and performance, across platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry). Another aim is to allow the client to leverage the variety of sensors available on mobile platforms to deliver situation-specific content, or to engage with a customer at a level not possible on PC platforms (including notebooks). Finally, the Mobile Presence solution allows a client to conceptualise and roll out applications, running on the mobile platforms, that deliver the company's marketing messages and connect more closely to audiences.

In using the Mobile Presence solution, clients are assured that their online campaigns will be as effective on mobile platforms as on PCs, and that the unique capabilities of these platforms will be exploited for greater marketing effect.