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Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing, in the old days, pretty much depended on the workload of the salesperson and on how organized the salesperson was. With the advent of CRM solutions, the organizing was taken care of, and all the salesperson had to do was make the call. In the online universe, the entire lead-nurturing burden can be taken off the salesperson's shoulder.

The Lead-nurturing solution from Brand Algorithms implements an email-based communications link between the client and its prospects. The solution features an email manager for the communications process. Content delivered to the prospect is customized based on how far along the purchase-decision cycle the prospect is. The solution also provides the client the capability to set up rules-based actions - such as increasing the frequency of emails if the prospect makes repeat visits to the company's website. Finally, the solution allows the sales channel (direct or indirect) to be cc:ed on communications if the prospect requires any sales assistance, and keeps reminding the channel about the commitment till it is fulfilled.

Brand Algorithms' Lead-nurturing solution automates a large component of the sales follow-up process and also executes the process in a more efficient manner, more effectively - as measured by the number of prospects who finally take the purchase decision.