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Lead Generation

All promotion campaigns aim to generate leads, either on a deferred basis (a corporate campaign) or immediately (a lead-generation programme). Lead-generation, online, is typically a multi-channel activity, with content on each channel feeding the main narrative centred around a microsite.

The Lead-generation solution from Brand Algorithms aims to conceptualise and execute lead-generation campaigns for clients. Based on the client's briefing and the defined outcomes, a campaign is conceptualized by the Brand Algorithms team. On approval, the campaign is launched using the Campaign Manager. The campaign, usually spanning many activities across several channels, is tracked closely to projected milestones (quality of leads and urgency of purchase). Based on agreement or divergence of results and projections, the campaign continues or is tweaked to deliver as per the projections. As leads are registered, they are handed over to the sales teams or enter into a Lead Nurturing programme.

The Lead-generation solution from Brand Algorithms allows the brand manager to focus on lead-generation strategy, while delegating execution and tactical adjustments.