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Content Management

With online-content richness increasing with each passing day and with online sites seeking to differentiate themselves on the basis of the richness of the content supported, the task of managing content destined for different online channels and different platforms can be difficult, if carried out without the help of a powerful Content Management System (CMS).

The Content Management solution allows a client to store and manage rich-media content (video, audio, image, text), created using third-party tools. The solution then allows the distribution of the content, on varied platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, OS X, Linux), across multiple channels (SocNet sites, blog, email, website, etc.). Multi-language content can be managed and distributed too. A client can track changes made to the content, record the distribution trail for a piece of content, and monitor user-level access to and action on stored content.

The capability to store different forms of media in a single digital repository, and manage them in a channel-agnostic and platform-agnostic manner, allows the client to focus on creating content without worrying about how to store, distribute, and monitor the use of the same. If content is king in today's online world, the Brand Algorithms Content Management solution ensures that the client stays focused on the creation of content.