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Closed-Loop Marketing

Analysing a campaign, post execution, in the traditional media, has usually been an exercise consisting of attempts to arrive at response rates, then reconciling conflicting numbers, and finally of trying to figure out whether a campaign was worth the effort and money. The wonder of online marketing, from a perspective of post-campaign forensics, is the level of detail captured for each campaign executed online.

The Closed-Loop Marketing solution from Brand Algorithms enables a client to track each response to each activity in a campaign, from the point of origin to the point of purchase (online or offline) - passing through the purchase stages of interest, consideration, and decision. In order to track a response offline, the solution allows the client to interface the online system to the organisation's CRM. The data gathered from tracking the responses can be analysed, within the solution, on metrics such as time-to-conversion per activity, segment-wise conversion, etc. Finally, the Closed-Loop Marketing solution, with the help of an activity-cost database, allows the client to arrive at RoI figures for each activity in a campaign.

A campaign is the more valuable from insights a brand manager can glean from its results, and the Closed-Loop Marketing solution allows a client to extract most available information from an online campaign.