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The good thing (for brand managers) about carrying out any activity on the Web is that everything can be tracked. For example, a single post on a Facebook page can trigger a spate of responses: all of which can be tracked, catalogued, and analysed. Brand managers need to be in a position to use the slew of data generated from online campaigns to gain fresh insights into the nature of the markets they address.

The Analytics solution from Brand Algorithms provides a client the wherewithal to capture data generated by the company's online campaigns, to analyse the data for significant statistical associations, and to derive new knowledge from the results of the analyses. Customised analysis can be provided, as part of the Analytics solution, to clients that require other statistical techniques to be applied to the captured data. The data is captured in a repository that can be made available to the client for its own data-warehousing and data-mining needs.

The Analytics solution delivers the capability to transform a sequence of online actions into information that can be leveraged to the greater benefit of the brand.