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360° Customer Contact

Customer feedback has always been an important component of a company's brand management portfolio, and in the days before SocNet use became near-ubiquitous, companies were restricted to hearing from the customer only when something was seriously wrong with the product (the feedback usually coming from the sales channel) or when the company had badly mishandled a complaint (the feedback usually coming from the customer). Now, with the popularity of social media opening up venues and avenues for voicing feedback, the quantum of feedback is not the problem, as neither is its recency: it is the ability to monitor the feedback that is the brand marketer's challenge.

The 360° Customer Contact solution, from Brand Algorithms, allows a client to extract customer conversations relating to a brand, across channels, analyse them for the type of sentiment they embed, and derive a measure of the goodwill the brand is managing to create or dissipate over a period of time. The feedback can be viewed in summary form or as individual conversation threads, in near-real-time. The solution also allows the client to keep engaged with customers over email and SocNet sites, thus ensuring that the brand retains a Top-of-Mind position long after a sale has been made.

The 360° Customer Contact solution makes it possible for a client to cultivate customer retention as a second nature.