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Brand Algorithms' approach to Digital Brand Marketing - the Digital VISE - delivered through a combination of tools, services and insights into relevant knowledge domains, allows it to deliver a variety of solutions to client needs. The Digital VISE is a methodology, using a set of Web-based activities that aims to:

  • Create Visibility for a brand, through awareness-creation and establishing an emotional association. Being visible can be defined as a state of mind wherein a brand registers in a consumer's mind; with visibility referring to an activity or a set of activities, online, that engender such a change. The Business metric for this activity will be the Likes/Follows/Pins garnered by the brand in the respective online channels.
  • Spread Interest in a brand, by means of reinforcing the emotional association, with the objective of ensuring high-recall of the brand among the target market. Interest can be defined as a consumer's state of mind wherein a brand is placed in the active consideration set, when a purchase decision is being made. The Business metric for this activity is the number of leads/enquiries generated.
  • Translate interest in a brand, to Sales, in terms of the number of leads/enquiries that translate to conversions. The Business metric for this activity is the revenue the organisation generates on the brand.
  • Track and analyse Engagement with the brand, amongst customers and potential consumers, with the objectives of consolidating the emotional association with the brand, addressing customer issues, as well as gaining insights into the direction the brand should take: all of these objectives translating to brand godwill. The Business metric for this activity is the profitability of the brand, to the organisation.

The uniqueness of the Internet is its pervasiveness; it's always-awake state; its recording of each and every action and content executed and posted, respectively, on it; its connections (2-way) to non-human-operated intelligent devices; and, its ability to place a connected entity in time and space (not necessarily always, nor always correctly).

These characteristics ensure that brand marketing activities can be delivered with a high level of precision, executed in a shorter time-frame, monitored in near real-time, and measured to a finer level of granularity: all these, significantly more so than in the off-line world.