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Website Optimiser Tool

The objective of this tool is to convert visitors to potential customers through a measured and replicable visitor-lead-conversion process.
  • Tracks a visitor from source and wherever s/he visits on the website.
  • Optimises design to improve visitor-lead-conversion ratios. This is done using:
    • Heat-mapping and Click-tracking, to identify areas of interest in a webpage
    • Testing of design/content variations (A/B or M/V Testing) on a stream of visitors or any segment therein.
  • Presents content customized on the basis of visitor profile (segments), stored history, originating source, platform, and geography.
  • Carries out SEO optimization, measure keyword effectiveness, and test efficacy of in-bound links.
  • Allows data, collected with respect to the visitors' movements within the website, to be sent to the Analytics module, to derive visitor-lead-conversion ratios.