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Closed-Loop Marketing Module

The Closed-Loop Marketing Module allows a user to track a visitor all across the sales cycle, even if parts of it are off-line. In addition, the module allows a user to calculate the cost of acquiring such business.
  • Gathers information from various modules to track a visitor from the moment s/he has shown interest, as the result of an on-line activity, till the time when a conversion occurs.
  • Features a 2-way link to industry-standard CRM applications, in order to be able to track a lead beyond the on-line domain.
  • Allows construction of customised links to other 3rd-party or bespoke CRM solutions, through the support for APIs.
  • Maintains a database of on-line activities and the cost associated with executing each activity; and this database is used to calculate RoI on an activity.
  • Tracks conversion parameters such as time-to-conversion, segment-wise conversion, vertical-wise conversion, etc., using data provided by the Analytics module.