Brand Algorithms Global Infrastructure Map

The Brand Algorithms Technology Suite runs on the Brand Algorithms private cloud. Access to the tools, and the data collected by the tools, is through the web browser.

Brand Algorithms' infrastructure is designed for reliability, performance, and disaster recovery. The infrastructure is spread over multiple locations, worldwide, giving Brand Algorithms the ability to manage global campaigns with high volume traffic and large data footprints, while also providing better risk management.

The private cloud infrastructure provides secure access to information and reports, while enabling real-time updates and campaign launches. The infrastructure is secured by multiple levels of firewalls and intrusion and fault detection systems. The software and online interfaces are enabled with 256-bit SSL encryption and validated by global certificate providers.

The infrastructure components are housed in secure Tier 3 data centres that are enabled with redundancies and backups. A team of network engineers tracks performance and carries out administrative tasks and audits for security, vulnerabilities, disaster prevention, and performance characteristics. Brand Algorithms uses a suite of tools to track and monitor performance, and to receive early warning of potential technical issues.