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Brand Algorithms develops and deploys cloud-based applications, based on existing and evolving technologies and practices in the fields of mathematics, computing, and marketing, to power and grow client brands on-line, in the most effective and cost-efficient manner.

The Brand Algorithms approach to Digital Brand Marketing - the Digital VISE - offers clients clear advantages when embarking on a digital marketing programme:
  • Technology Advantage
    • The focus on Analytics, to refine and redesign existing activities, and to conceptualize new activities
    • The ability to link the results of online marketing activities to offline sales channels
    • The use of new technology platforms and practices to develop new brand experience campaigns
  • Marketing Advantage
    • Designing online campaigns that interact with traditional campaigns in a symbiotic manner
    • Using metrics to evaluate campaigns and generate measures such as ROI, campaign effectiveness, etc.
The use of a technology platform to conceptualise and execute digital marketing programmes ensures:
  • Scalability
    The use of tools allows Brand Algorithms to scale up a digital marketing campaign from a low-volume, single-channel engagement to a high-volume, and multi-channel activity in short notice.
  • Near Real-time information
    The data collected by the Brand Algorithms Technology Suite, is made available to a brand marketer in near real-time, thereby ensuring a quicker response to brand crises, improvements to campaigns in short notice, and topical content creation and posts.
  • Big Data and Analytics
    The automated collection of metrics at all points of a digital marketing campaign generates a treasure-trove of data that can be mined for trends, associations, and inductions as per the brand marketer's requirements.
  • Process Transparency and Accountability
    The use of tools and a workflow module allows a brand marketer to monitor a digital marketing campaign to ensure that it is being executed as per the defined processes. In addition, any content posted online can be tracked to a specific time and content-creator.
  • Adaptability
    Brand Algorithms' understanding of computing technologies, digital media platforms, marketing and analytics, allows the client to focus on leveraging the Internet to achieve its business objectives, without having to worry about being on the cutting edge of technology, or on the latest platforms, or exploiting a new marketing avenue.