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Online Coupons - Getting It Right

June 17, 2013 by Brand Algorithms
Discount coupons have always been used by brand-owners for tactical sales momentum or stoking-consumer-interest activities. Traditionally delivered in the printed format, as a newspaper insert or as a direct mailer or as a gift, the discount coupon has a proven record in generating a sales bump in a flagging marketplace, and in enticing consumers to experience a brand they were aware of, but weren't sufficiently invested in.
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Real-Time Marketing and The Client-Agency Relationship

June 10, 2013 by Brand Algorithms
Real-time marketing, as a marketing concept, has been gathering momentum of late, in this age of social media, always-on consumers, and higher customer expectations. Given the relative newness of the term, it is necessary to define it operationally, so as to preclude any misconceptions about the scope and rigour of the practice.
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Brand Extensions Versus New Brand Launches, and The Online Consumer

June 03, 2013 by Brand Algorithms
Is the profile of consumer behaviour online, pushing brand-owners towards brand extensions instead of launching new brands? This question popped up during the course of my perusal of a couple of recent studies on product innovation and on brand extensions. The fact of the matter is that brands are going through avatars and extensions at a faster frequency than previously, as more and more niche consumer needs are identified and targeted.
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