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Pinformation: Brands on Pinterest

February 27, 2013 by Brand Algorithms
Pinterest has surprised the social media world by rising to become one of the most popular social media networking sites in a very short period of time. According to Pinterest has 25 million+ active users worldwide and another source puts the number of unique visitors at 31.5million+ ( is ranked #35 in the world.

Social media sites are also seeing a gender split - women use social media more than men. More women are on Facebook and Twitter. About 57% of Facebook and 59% of Twitter users are women.Women more attracted to Pinterest while young techie men hang out on Google+. Pinterest has the heaviest gender imbalance - 82% of users are women and 18% are men. The most popular age group on Pinterest is 25-34 years.

It would be instructive to examine the traditional habits of females keeping the above in mind, as we know Pinterest has been the 2012 social media shopper's heaven.

Pinterest is where users view the latest trends in fashion, hair& beauty, lifestyle, home decor, health tips and cooking recipes. To reach target audiences and support the sales process, Pinterest is the best opportunity for brands in these functional/social categories.

We know women tend to like shopping more than men and they also like "window shopping" for anything that interests them; whether that's a physical object or something intangible. We can easily define Pinterest as a way for women to "window shop", and the main reason the platform has the highest number of women adherents, by percentage.

According to the most popular pins and boards on Pinterest are food & drink, fashion, design, home decor and travel & holiday. The food category is the fastest growing segment in Pinterest, engagement-wise.

If your brand isn't on Pinterest, you could be missing out on a growing stream of potential customers. Even if your brand doesn't directly specialize in these topics, you can always include visuals related to the topics in your brand's boards to gain maximum exposure. It's also important to remember that while Pinterest's audience is heavily female, the demographics of the site are changing, as it rapidly grows.

Take a look at this Infographic then let us know if plan to take advantage of the explosive growth of Pinterest to promote your brand.

Pinterest Infograph
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