The Brand Algorithms approach to Digital Brand Marketing - the Digital VISE - delivers a triumvirate of benefits to clients planning and implementing digital marketing programmes:

A. Digital VISE
  1. Visibility
    • Based on the target market, brand owners can choose among several channels to deliver the brand communication: social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.), blogs, websites and microsites, mobile
    • Such communication can be extremely rich, in terms of support for several media formats (text, images, video, audio, augmented reality)
    • The communications can designed such that they encourage interaction from the target market, in turn creating new content as well as fostering an emotional attachment with the brand
  2. Interest
    • Target markets or groups on the Internet can be segmented to a fine level of geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behavioural detail, and this level of segmentation can be leveraged to plan interest-creation activities on the basis of their appeal to specific segments
    • Again, based on market segmentation, the content, its design, and its frequency of appearance, delivered to each segment can be customized, to reinforce the emotional association with the brand
    • The availability of intelligent sensors on many digital devices creates the opportunity to pull or push data or information (with due permission) that can be used to further enhance interest in the brand
  3. Sales
    • The availability and sophistication of automated lead-nurturing tools allows regular follow up of leads, as well as the luxury of targeting leads with content customised for their interests and for the stage in the sales cycle they are currently in
    • As with market segmentation data in the Interest phase, such segmentation data (especially behavioural), in this phase, allows leads to be targeted with conversion maximizing approaches and offers
    • The entire marketing process, from executing an on-line activity to tracking a visitor to nurturing a lead to the final conversion can be tracked with a high level of accuracy; and with the use of realistic cost estimates RoIs can be worked out for indivdual on-line activities
  4. Engagement
    • The ability to track brand conversations in near real-time and in a geography-agnostic manner, on-line, allows brand owners the luxury of amplifying positive sentiments or addressing negative sentiments much more quickly, and comprehensively
    • Brand conversations are also of importance for getting the market's feel for the product and the product's roadmap, without embarking on expensive and time-consuming market research surveys
    • Keeping in touch, always, makes it possible for brand owners to consolidate the emotional attachment to the brand, as well as build aspirational value in the brand, for that product category
B. Big Data
Unique to digital marketing is the capability to measure any facet of a campaign, provided that the facet has been defined in advance and that the tools executing the campaign have been designed to measure the output of the facet. This definable granularity, in the measurement of campaign features, is also something unique to digital marketing.

The automated collection of metrics at all points of a digital marketing campaign generates a treasure-trove of data, Big Data, that can be mined for trends, associations, and inductions as per the brand marketer's requirements. Such trends and associations, with respect to consumer preferences, purchase behavior, and post-purchase behavior, are waiting to be uncovered; conditional on sufficient online transactions taking place and on a large enough sample size executing the transactions.

Brand Algorithms recognises these possibilities with respect to the collection and analysis of data, and the architecture of its platform is designed for multi-terabyte data repositories that can be manipulated by the sophisticated statistical analysis techniques supported by the platform. Organisations and brand owners have the freedom to specify the level of detail for the data collected, user privacy permitting, and the extent to which the data can be mined for information.

C. Cloud Computing
The advantages of the cloud are well known: dispensing with IT server infrastructure (hardware and software) at site; no headaches on account of maintaining and upgrading this infrastructure; outsourcing application development, deployment, and improvement; and, the ability to scale in response to an increase in the number of users or to the expected performance of the enterprise application, on-the-fly and seamlessly.

The final entity in the triumvirate is the cloud-based infrastructure for computing and storage. Computational responsibilties rest on the private Brand Algorithms cloud, as does data storage. Information and access to the tools and data are provided to organisations through the web browser. The cloud-based approach ensures 24x7 access to tools and data, for the user, from anywhere in the world, on any smart-device.

Add in the cost advantage, viz. an on-line campaign can be executed at a fraction of the cost of an off-line campaign, and it is no surprise that most promotion-intensive organisations are looking at Digital Brand Marketing to actively complement traditional marketing communications activities.