Digital Brand Marketing

Digital Brand Marketing exploits the capabilities and reach of the Internet, using PCs and mobile devices, to deliver brand communications to a wider audience, to build high brand recall among the target market, and to track brand goodwill in the market.

The benefits of digital brand marketing are the ability to:
  • Engage with and listen to consumers interacting with the brand, in near real-time
  • Offer rich content options, for brand communications; thus allowing niche user segments to be served customised content
  • Capture data related to user interaction, and make it available for analysis, with the objective of gaining fresh marketing and consumer insights with respect to the brand
  • Allow the end-to-end measurement of activity effectiveness, thereby enabling marketers to derive RoI per activity, per channel, per user segment
  • Complement traditional marketing channels

Digital Brand Marketing and Brand Algorithms

Brand Algorithms delivers Digital Brand Marketing solutions using a cloud-based technology platform.

Brand Algorithms uses a combination of tools and services to deliver its Digital Brand Marketing solutions, thus allowing it to scale up its on-line activities more efficiently and with better oversight.

The tools borrow insights from the subjects of marketing, mathematics, and analytics, and place this knowledge within the framework of today's leading algorithmic technologies in the digital medium.
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The Brand Algorithms Solutions

Brand Algorithms' approach to Digital Brand Marketing, through a combination of tools, services, and insights into relevant knowledge domains, allows it to deliver a variety of solutions to client needs.
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